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Auditions May 4th and 5th, 2024

Performances will be held at the Havre de Grace Opera House, August 16-25

Director/Choreographer - Becky Titelman

Music Director - LaShelle Bray
Stage Manager - Kalea Bray


Auditions for School of Rock will take place at Bel Air Dance Academy on May 4th from 4:30-7:30pm and May 5th from 12-3pm, with possible callbacks from 3-5pm if needed. Children ages 9-14 are highly encouraged to audition, and if they have experience playing a musical instrument (piano for the role of Lawrence, bass for the role of Katie, guitar for the roles of Zack and Dewey, or drums for the role of Freddie), they should demonstrate during their audition time for the music director or share a video from a recital or performance if they do not have their instrument. Auditioners should prepare a one minute song to sing, in the style of the show or from the show, with a karaoke track. There will also be a dance audition, so be prepared to move and bring jazz shoes or sneakers.

School of Rock will be performed August 16th-18th and the 23rd-25th at the Havre de Grace Opera House.

Audition location:

Bel Air Dance Academy

102 N Main St #104, Bel Air, MD 21014

Character Breakdown:


Dewey Finn - Rock Tenor (B2-A5)

Rosalie Mullins - Soprano (A3-D6)

Ned Schneebly - Baritone (C3-F#4)

Patty Di Marco - Mezzo-Soprano (B3-E5)


Summer Hathaway - Range: A3-D5

Tomika - Range: A3-G5

Zack Mooneyham (guitar) - Range: A3-D5

Freddie Hamilton (drums) - Range: A3-D5

Katie (bass) - Range: A3-D#5

Lawrence (piano / keyboard) - Range: A3-D#5

Marcy - Range: A3-G5

Shonelle - Range: A3-G5

Billy Sandford - Range: A3-D5

Mason Ward - Range: A3-D5

James - Range: A3-D5

Sophie - Range: A3-D5

Madison - Range: A3-D5


Mrs. Sheinkopf

Mr. Noble

Mr. Green

Gabe Brown

Mr. Sanders

Ms. Gordon

Ms. Bingham

Mr. Woodward

Mr. Janes

Ms. Macapugay

Mr. Wagner


Mr. Mooneyham

Mrs. Hathaway

Mr. Williams

Mr. Spencer

Mr. Sandford

Mr. Ward

Mr. Hamilton

Mrs. Turner

Mrs. Travis

Ensemble and Band members of No Vacancy

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